Mobile Bike Repair

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SHIFT Mobile Bike Repair comes to you! Personalized, affordable, friendly service!

Your Bike Shop on Wheels!

Sometimes you’re just too busy to load up your bike and haul it down to the bike shop. That’s where we come in! We bring the bike shop to you! Below are some basic service and repair offerings and estimates. Most of these can be done on the spot, or within 24 hours. In some cases, more time may be needed (i.e. special parts orders, seized parts, severe damage, etc.) but estimates are always friendly and free, so feel free to ask!

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Basic Multi-speed Bicycle Tune-up

$50 ($5 discount for two bikes, $10 for three, $20 for four or more.) This service includes the following:

  • Remove wheels from bike, inspect tires/rims/spokes/hubs, clean rims/hubs, true (straighten) rims, adjust hubs.
  • While wheels are out, clean & inspect frame, drivetrain, cables, housing, shift/brake levers
  • Re-install wheels, adjust shifting and breaks, lube drivetrain (add all new cables & housing for $20)
  • Inspect & adjust (if necessary) headset and bottom bracket
  • Inspect and adjust suspension if it’s a mountain bike
  • Test ride

Basic Single-speed Tune-up

$40 (Multiple bike discounts apply to all styles of bikes.)

  • Same as Basic Multi-speed Tune-up, minus shifting adjustments

A la Carte Service

Please ask for other services that may not be listed below. We offer the same types of service, parts and accessories as any other bike shop in Eau Claire, whether you need a cycling computer or other parts/accessory installation, or even bike builds. Estimates are free!

  • Flat tire repair: $5 for standard tube, $6 for Presta tube, $5 labor for each flat.
  • True (straighten) wheels: $10-$15
  • Adjust brakes: (usually requires wheel truing) $20-$25
  • Replace shift of brake cable $10-20 labor, depending on number of cables replaced, $2-$4 per cable, depending on type of cable needed.
  • Remember, estimates are friendly and free!

Service Calls

  • Service calls are FREE if you live in the neighborhood, and FREE in Eau Claire if you have 2 or more bikes that need service.
  • $10 in Eau Claire for single bike service.
  • $12 and up, depending on distance from SHIFT HQ.

Road or Trail-side Emergency Service

If you’re stuck out on the road or trail with mechanical troubles in or around Eau Claire, we may be able to help you. Please understand we may not be available when you call, but it’s worth a try. We can come fix your bike, or simply offer you a ride home.

  • $1 per mile, + $50/hour on-site labor.
  • If you’re injured, call 911.

Other Services

We offer a wide range of bicycle-related services. If you have any bicycle-related questions or concerns, just ask!

  • Trailer and trail-a-bike installation
  • Component sales & installation
  • Bike fit
  • Bicycle buying advice
  • Helmet fit and buying advice
  • Pretty much anything related to bicycles, we can help with. Just ask!
  • Ride Support

Call (715) 303-7021